My original inquiry response was literally 3 sentences that didn’t give prospective clients any real reason to follow up. My new inquiry response based off of Jeremy Chou’s templates now gives the inquiring brides and grooms all the …

Brett & Tori Photography

eremy’s email templates were really a lifesaver for me. I was immediately able to take his email structure and timeline and incorporate it into my own branding. He has emails and tidbits of information that I never even …

Mike Arick Photography

I love how he brought such a fresh perspective to the business and teaching about the wedding photography industry. The workshop was so great for networking and I would definitely recommend it.

Alyssa Lizarraga Photography

Jeremy is one impressive photographer and businessman. His ambition and passion for his Art will undoubtedly inspire you. He is so down-to-earth, personable, and extremely generous with his knowledge.

Judy Bodden Photography

His tips and tricks involving SEO are insightful and invaluable.  He covers his strategy and philosophy behind his pricing and how to make it easy and uncomplicated for the client.

Lisa Keisler Photography

You don’t find many photographers who are open and willing to share and you find even less that are great at teaching you the skills to become successful.

Maria Schwaller

Jeremy really stands by his word in being an open book and doesn’t hold back. The trip from Texas to California was way more then worth my time & I’ll be back to learn more!

Justin Douglas