Business Essential + Workflow Email Pack

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All of the day-to-day emails I use to communicate with my clients are here! It includes both the complete workflow email pack & business essential pack.  They work hand in hand and is most effective when used in conjunction with each other. The emails will help you respond professionally to some of the most commonly asked questions by clients.  There are over 30 emails included with both packs!


1. Inquiry Received
2. Initial Inquiry Return
3. Inquiry Follow Up
4. Pre-Consultation Check in
5. After Consultation Followup


1. Thank You & What’s Next
2. Favorite Vendors


1. Check In Email & Helpful Hints
2. Final Check In
3. Post Engagement Session Check In
4. Post Engagement Session Sneak Peeks
5. Post Engagement Session Blog Link Share
6. Post Engagement Session Gallery is Live


1. Pre Wedding Check in
2. Helpful Hints on Timeline & Others
3. Helpful Hints on Family Photos
4. Introduction To Vendors
5. Pre Wedding Check in
6. Post Wedding Sneak Peeks – Clients
7. Post Wedding Sneak Peeks – Vendors
8. Post Wedding Blog Link Share – Clients
9. Post Wedding Blog Link Share – Vendors
10. Post Wedding Gallery Link – Clients
11. Post Wedding Review Request

Business Essential Email Pack include 10 most used emails for wedding photographers.

1. Clients Request for Raw Files (Not for sale)
2. Clients Request for Raw Files (For Sale)
3. Client Requests Copyrights
4. Offering additional incentives for booking after consultation.
5. Client says “Your price is too high”
6. Client Requests to see “all the photos”
7. Client sends you Pinterest photos for ‘inspiration’. 8. Client sends a “shot list.”
9. Post wedding upsell
10. 2nd shooter responsibility


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