• Group Film Wedding Photography Workshop

    In this multiple day workshop, you will learn from some of the most sought after vendors in the industry. Not to mention shooting at some of the most beautiful venues in the world. Jeremy has helped hundred of photographers from all over the world to pursue their full potential in both business & art. Jeremy will share the lessons he has learned from the last decade in the business. Don't miss this once in a life time experience!

  • Email Templates For Wedding Photographers To Maximize Profit

    Ever wonder how to respond to a client who wants a discount? Or a client that wants raw files? These email templates will help you respond to some of the common questions wedding photographers see on a daily basis

  • Private Workshops

    We offer private workshops for those photographers that are looking to invest to grow their business & craft, but in a private setting. The content is 100% tailored to each individual photographer's specific needs. If schedule allows, the Private Workshop attendees can also shoot a wedding alongside Jeremy at a real wedding!

I am so excited to announce the next workshop in Monterey, California  from April 9th to April 10th, 2018 at the beautiful Nicklaus Club!  I recently had the pleasure of shooting a wedding there and fell in love with the venue. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and I can’t wait to go back!

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I am so excited to announce the next workshop in Washington DC from August 29th to August 30th! My family and I visited Washington DC a few years ago, and I fell in love with the rich history and the grandiose architecture of the city.  So for the next workshop, we are bringing it all the way to the Capital!

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As photographers, we all remember the first time we picked up the camera and somehow produced an absolutely AMAZING photo. We then spend the rest of our life chasing that feeling again. Most of us will always do it as a hobbyist, but some of us will make it into a full time job. And if we are smart, perhaps even making a career out of photography.  One of the questions I keep hearing from photographers (new & experienced) is about how to run a successful business, while being fulfilled with the type of work they create.  It’s definitely a tough dichotomy, but definitely not mutually exclusive.  One can have a successful career while producing the kind of work the photographer can be proud of.

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